Are You Sick of the Hype Surrounding Fitness, Fat Loss and Personal Training?

Tired of all the fitness gadgets and fads being pushed on tv, in health clubs and in stores?  Promises of the quick fix or inside secrets that will get you in the best shape ever if you only buy their product or sign-up for such and such service immediately!  Do you really think they have some special secret?

All I promise you is that I will give you no B.S.....and no I won't be selling you anything that you don't want.

That's right I'll tell you like it is, with tact and class of course.  You may be thinking....yeah I need to hear it like it is....but not from some meat head trainer who spends all of his time working out or yelling at others to do so.

I'm not that "typical" trainer, in fact I'm far from it....I know what it's like to work in the corporate world and still stay in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.  I worked as an engineer with an aersopace and a software company prior to getting into fitness as a career.

I understand the long hours, sitting at a desk, feeling there is no time for exercise......this is part of the reason I got into personal training in people's homes.  Because unless you're super dedicated (lets face it most people aren't when it comes to fitness and working out) the last thing you are going to do on a regular basis after a long day at work is go to the gym and fight the crowds for another hour or two just to get in that time on the treadmill or workout aimlessly on the weights.

That's right, I bring the workout to you in the privacy of your own home....and no you don't need special equipment.  All you need is the personal desire to make a positive change in your life and health through regular exercise and appropriate realistic lifestyle choices.  Keep that last part in mind, you must have realistic optimism based on your situation, not based on what some fitness guru tells you on some video or website.

Now are you going to see tons of photos on here of my clients without their shirts on or wearing bikinis saying that they lost blah blah amount of weight in such and such amount of lets face it, while most people want to lose weight and look great their reasons for wanting this go much deeper than this......they want to feel better....have more with stress better.....feel more in control of their lives.  Things that can't be shown in photos or two line testimonials that mean little or nothing to others who have their OWN PERSONAL AND PRIVATE REASONS for wanting to make changes.  (This and the fact that people who don't have time to and/or don't want to go to gyms and would rather train at home value privacy and convenience....and I respect that.)  If you want to work with me personally and are serious about making changes....but would like to speak to a client of mine I am happy to arrange this (but only if you're serious).


So, at this point if your much does it cost?.....that's my biggest concern....well if that's the case then the reality is I'm probably not the right trainer for you because my services aren't cheap and I'm probably not going to give you a deal (I don't even know you yet).  It's kind of funny, people who don't know you, have never worked with you etc. think they should ask for a deal....I like to say well then should I ask you to pay me 10 grand to start training when you know nothing about how it is to work with me?  I think not.  If you are looking for cheap (I've been told and have actually had people think that $30 a session is an appropriate price) then you probably don't want a results (the results you and I agree upon, we work together) oriented, knowledgeable and highly experienced trainer to come to your home.

However, if you are in the situation where you aren't ready to make a serious commitment yet then I do have an option for you....just download the beginner program from my Results or Trim Tighten and Tone books and start with that....they are free, all you have to do is follow them on your own.....and if you want all of the programs then you can download them for just under $10 a piece.


On the other hand if you have come to the point where you realize you are not going to ever follow a routine on your own then you probably want to take the next step, which is to fill out my short contact form and/or call me to discuss your personal situation and goals to see if it makes sense to schedule a free in-person meeting with me.  I offer this because I want to make certain it is appropriate for us to work together before either of us commit to any kind of in-home fitness training.  We'll schedule a meeting at a time that is convenient and then go from there.  Like any relationship, it's a two-way street, both parties have to agree to what is the best course of action.  So please if you are the "executive type" who is used to things being your way or the highway, I suggest you go with the cheap option above because we wouldn't be a match.  Just as I won't tell you how to run your business you won't unilaterally decide how I'm going to train you.  We agree on goals and the best method to reach them based on your situation and then you let me do my job.

In all of this there really is no risk on your part....we talk, we meet, and if it makes sense for the both of us then we move forward on arranging a truly personal program that meets your needs.  Best of all, there is no nickel and diming....the pricing is inclusive and I don't force you to make a long term commitment, we decide what's best based on your goals and situation.


Finally, and most importantly, if you want change I'll help you make it starting today, but only if you really want a fun, unique and effective approach to getting fit that is truly customized to you and your situation.  If you're looking for fads, gimmicks, other shortcuts or if you are lazy, flakey or otherwise unreliable and uncommitted just go for the free option above....and contact me when you are no longer creating barriers to getting fit.