Eating Seems Good..So What's the Problem?

More often than not, if weight is an issue, sugar(s) are the culprit. People have been so scared into thinking fat and meat and eggs are bad that they have replaced these foods with excessive carbohydrates (which are sugars). Granted there are different types of sugars but the sugars most people consume are the ones that are easy to access. They are simple refined sugars which are in many different foods including diet foods (had to use something to make it taste good), most breads and pastries, pastas, many condiments and snack foods. Ever wonder why some pasta sauce has a sweet taste? Tomatoes aren't sweet....hmmm??..... they put sugar in the sauce! Sugar gets put in a number of "health foods" to give them taste. Normally fat gives foods taste, but when the fat is taken out the alternatives are sugar or artificial flavorings to make the item edible. The bottom line is, if you eat whole natural foods that you can look at and say "that grows in the ground or on a plant, or is from an animal that eats those plants" you'll avoid many of these problem foods.

What happens when you eat simple refined sugars is they digest quickly and due to the fact that most people do very little physical activity they get stored as fat because the body has no need to use them for energy. Even more reason to exercise, especially if you are going eat foods with significant amounts of sugar in them. So how do some people who practically eat like vegetarians, becuase they've been scared into thinking cholesterol is going to kill them, still have high cholesterol. Because if you don't eat cholesterol the body will make it. And guess what it makes it from, excess carbohydrates (sugars). So if you stop eating egg yolks, think you're going to have a heart attack if you eat a steak or have some butter then chances are your body is going to have to make cholesterol from your high sugar diet. It's sort of like a double edged sword; the harder you try to avoid cholesterol the more sugar you'll be eating. The more sugar you eat the higher your insulin levels (which is a hormone that's trying to get the sugar into cells). Then cholesterol is needed to repair the damage to the vessels done by excess insulin. This is one of the reasons diabetics typically have heart and circulatory problems. Their body is overwhelmed by sugar with no place to put it because the cells are no longer sensitive to insulin, therefore it stays in the blood stream...thus high sugar readings and high insulin levels leading to more damage and more need for cholesterol to repair the damage caused as the body keeps trying to get the sugar out of the blood. So before becoming an extremist who tries to cut every last gram of fat and cholesterol out of your diet try cutting out sugar, it may be hard because sugar has been shown to be nearly as addictive as hard core illegal drugs but in the long run it will be worth it health and appearance wise. If you cut out sugar and start eating these so called "forbidden" foods (which are actually good for you in moderate amounts) you'll probably feel better and drop some serious weight in a short period of time.

As a final note, bear in mind cholesterol is a very essential substance that is used in the body to repair damage as well as in the making of the sex hormones. You can't live without it! Eat some whole eggs, meat and good fats, you'll be amazed how you feel and you'll probably lose 5-10 lbs in no time when you couple this with the elimination of refined sugars. Focusing on getting your carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits and true whole grains (if you don't have gluten problems) will help you put an end to the dietary and weight rollercoaster!